Our Story

Starting in 2021, The Live Design Project (TLDP) was born of a deep desire to provide equal opportunities to junior designers and clients from all over the world. TLDP is a dynamic platform that aims to fulfil the dreams of our clients, at a fraction of the usual cost.

Our core values are to be simple, effective, and brilliant in all that we do for both the designers who work with us and our clients.

Our Founder

After 24 years of experience as the director of my own interior design company, I founded the Live Design Project in 2021.  I was the winner of SIDA Design Awards (2020), and was a selected finalist for ADHA Design Award (2015) . I have worked on 300+ design projects that were completed around Europe and Asia, in all fields.

For many years I’d been questioning the model of classic interior design companies, finding it unfair to employees and affordable only to few. I believe that it is our duty to create a fair and inclusive business model.

Our employees will benefit equally from this fair model, creating their own opportunities for growth within the company. And because we can do even more, our give back program will sponsor Interior Design Students in needs of funding.

Delphine Leon
CEO of The Live Design Project

At the Live Design Project, we provide…

Worldwide Availability

Worldwide quality design consultancy services at a fraction of the commonly practiced cost.

Equal Opportunities

Opportunities & equality for Interior Design Juniors from around the world to work on the same projects, wherever they come from and study.

Client Equality

Opportunities & equality for clients, wherever they are and whatever their budget.

Knowledge Sharing

Opportunities & equality for professionals to give back to their community by training and sharing knowledge with younger piers.

Our Clientele