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Residential Interior Design

The Live Design Project can transform your existing or new home space into one that will meet your style and needs.

We optimise the design and functionality of a space, without compromising on the aesthetics.

We can elevate your home with a style that reflects your personality.

Design Fee: US$10/m2


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Workplace Interior Design

We excel in reshaping your office space, fostering a conducive environment for work and collaboration, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Our approach prioritizes optimizing the design and functionality of the space without sacrificing aesthetics.

We elevate your office with a unique style that mirrors your company image, creating an atmosphere that satisfies both employees and clients.

Design Fee: US$15/m2


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Food & Beverage Interior Design

Reimagine Your F&B Space and Captivate Your Customers.

The Live Design Project transforms existing or new restaurants and cafes into unique, customer-centric experiences.

We optimize design, functionality, and aesthetics to elevate your brand image and boost customer satisfaction.

Design Fee: US$15/m2



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Hotel Interior Design

The Live Design Project breathes new life into your existing or new hotels, resorts, or spas.

We optimize design and functionality, while maintaining stunning aesthetics, to create a hospitality space that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and exceeds guest expectations.

Design Fee: US$25/m2


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Retail Interior Design

Transform your existing or new retail space into a visually stunning and functionally efficient destination with The Live Design Project.

We optimize layout, customer flow, and product display, all while maintaining appealing aesthetics.

We ensure your retail space embodies your brand identity and delivers a seamless shopping experience, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Design Fee: US$20/m2


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