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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

The preservation of the bar’s footprint was essential. As a result, I have designed various seating arrangements around the bar to accommodate a range of guests and purposes. Whether you arrive alone to catch up on emails or wish to enjoy a drink with your family, you’ll discover the ideal arrangement.

Concept Board

Taking inspiration from natural and trendy styles, set against a tropical backdrop. The design will feature natural finishes and incorporate pops of color and tropical greenery.

3D Perspectives

The perspectives allow the visualization of the space transformation from its original set-up to its new design.

The task was to convert a bar into a family-friendly barista bar while retaining as much of the existing elements as possible. We aimed to establish a fresh, modern, tropical atmosphere that would appeal to all family members.

Client Testimonials

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Olivier Godet
Olivier Godet



2 November 2023

Kerstin peaks the Club Med spirit and expectation quite well, and quickly integrate the various CM comments within her Design. The mentor is listening to customer expectations and transmitting it correctly to the Juniors. Excellent service value. Several clear concepts, excellent reactivity & flexibility from the Junior Designer and the Mentor.
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