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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

Open Layout: Bali design often emphasizes an open and flowing layout, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Concept Board

The use of natural materials in an important element of Balinese interior design. Wood , stone and bamboo are commonly used in construction and furnishings. Rattan and other local plants are used for weaving furniture and accent decoration.


3D Perspectives

Arches are commonly found in traditional Balinese architecture. Balinese temples, palaces, and homes often feature intricately carved stone or wooden arches. These arches contribute to the overall aesthetic and spiritual significance of Balinese buildings. Wood, stone, and even bamboo are commonly utilized to create arches, showcasing the diversity of construction materials across the archipelago.

Project Details

Floor area

130 m2

Project Scope

Concept, Layout, selection of all furniture, finishes & equipment

Space(s) Designed

Staff Canteen and lounge area

Style(s) Selected

Modern Balinese 

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