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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

Envision a practical and versatile living space by redesigning the seating area to incorporate a seamlessly integrated bar/dining space. The focus is on optimizing functionality, creating a cohesive environment while maintaining a modern and uncluttered aesthetic.

Concept Board

Select a neutral color palette with subtle undertones to establish a timeless and sophisticated ambiance. Utilize raw materials such as wood & granite, combine with soft fabrics contributing to a contemporary and comfortable setting. The design emphasizes simplicity, allowing for easy integration of the seating area in the exiting kitchen.

3D Perspectives

Rethinking the seating area with an integrated bar and dining space, weaving a tapestry of modern elegance with neutral colors and timeless stone accents.

Project Details

Floor area

10 + 11m2

Project Scope

Redesign the seating area to incorporate a bar / dining space, seamlessly integrated with a newly envisioned back kitchen

Space(s) Designed

Dining & Pantry

Style(s) Selected

Minimalist, modern, scandinavian

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