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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

Welcome to a space where design meets function, mirroring the very essence of the company’s operation. The office layout is a testament to the client’s dual commitment: fostering transparency and catering to operational excellence.

A client-centric design: As you step into the premises, the first thing you’ll notice is the client-oriented side of our building. This area is designed with openness in mind, featuring a welcoming cafe and accessible meeting rooms. It’s a space inviting client to connect with the team in a relaxed yet professional environment.

Beyond the welcoming client area, the rest of our office is meticulously designed to meet operational needs. Every element of this space is crafted to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and creativity among the team members.

This office layout is more than just an arrangement of spaces; it’s a reflection of Moving Bits company’s ethos.

Concept Board

The concept board brings to life the core principles of transparency, functionality, and connection, seamlessly integrated with the company brand’s identity. The chosen materials and color palette are carefully curated to match the operational needs while creating an inviting atmosphere for both employees and visitors, fostering a sense of belonging and connection to the company.

In essence, the concept board is a blueprint for a space that is not just functional but also emotionally resonant, ensuring that every person who interacts with Moving Bits feels the transparency, dedication, and warmth they stand for.

3D Perspectives

Perspectives are essential in interior design, transforming concepts into visual realities that clients can connect with. They serve a dual purpose: allowing clients to project themselves into the space and fine-tuning design elements for optimal functionality and atmosphere.

By offering a glimpse into how the office will look and feel, perspectives help clients understand the scale and mood of the space, making it easier to envision themselves within it. These visual tools are invaluable for adjusting materials and color palettes, ensuring the design not only meets operational needs but also embodies the desired ambiance. Perspectives ensure that the concept’s story flows coherently throughout the office, maintaining a consistent brand image and atmosphere across all areas.

In essence, perspectives bridge the gap between imagination and reality, crucial for creating spaces that resonate with clients and align with the project’s vision.

Project Details

Floor area


Project Scope

Layout, furniture, finishes, lighting

Space(s) Designed

Entire office

Style(s) Selected

Client branding image

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Jay Soo
Jay Soo



17 February 2024

TLDP was literally the answer to my dreams. No kidding. I woke up one day and thought to myself, I'd like too put our office ID up for pitch, but how do I do it? especially when I wasn't familiar with the ID business. Then The Live Design Project reached out to me on LinkedIn...and I will say the experience with them has been nothing but outstanding. The owner Delphine has her process down. This is the ONLY way anybody considering a makeover of their place should work. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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