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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

This coastal-style house layout maximizes space and captures the essence of seaside living. Two bedrooms with dedicated bathrooms offer a comfortable retreat, while the central living area seamlessly connects to a game space.Weathered wood, light fabrics, and coastal decor create a relaxed beach-house ambiance, making this compact layout both practical and charming.

Concept Board

The bedrooms in this coastal-style home radiate a tranquil, ocean-inspired charm. Featuring weathered wood accents and light-colored furnishings, each room is a laid-back coastal retreat with thoughtful decor and smart storage.

In the green bathroom, the focus is on creating a refreshing and stylish haven. Beach-inspired textures and modern fixtures combine for both function and aesthetics. These designs embody a seamless blend of tranquility and style, capturing the essence of coastal living.

3D Perspectives

The bedrooms in this coastal-style home are designed as serene retreats, strategically placed to capture natural light and coastal views. Each room boasts a calming palette inspired by the ocean, enhanced by weathered wood accents and light furnishings for a relaxed coastal vibe. Ample storage ensures organization, while thoughtful decor adds coastal elegance to these peaceful havens.

In harmony with the coastal theme, the green bathroom brings a refreshing and stylish touch. With beach-themed textures and modern fixtures, the space is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Natural light and well-placed mirrors enhance the openness, creating a vibrant and invigorating retreat. Together, these thoughtfully designed spaces embody the coastal lifestyle, offering residents a perfect blend of tranquility and style.

Project Details

Floor area

43 m2

Project Scope

Concept, Layout, selection of all furniture, finishes & equipment

Space(s) Designed

Bedrooms & bathrooms

Style(s) Selected

Coastal, mid-century

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Laurent & Marie
Laurent & Marie


1 April 2024