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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

Maximize space usage creating a 3 in 1 space: living / cinema area, play area & bar area.

Concept Board

The room features natural materials such as oak and rattan, typical of mid-century design, alongside a color palette inspired by coastal landscapes. Oceanic blues, sandy neutrals, and light woods dominate, contributing to an open and breezy atmosphere. The incorporation of these materials and colors makes us forget that it is a semi-recessed space with minimum natural light.

3D Perspectives

A combination of mid-century modern furnishings and coastal-inspired textiles creates a comfortable and visually appealing seating arrangement. Nautical decor elements are integrated with modern technology, resulting in a space that with inviting setting for leisure and entertainment.

Project Details

Floor area

27 m2

Project Scope

Concept, Layout, all selection of furniture, finishes & equipment

Space(s) Designed

Entertainment room

Style(s) Selected

Coastal, mid-century

Client Testimonials

Work Quality
Value For Money
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Laurent & Marie
Laurent & Marie


1 April 2024