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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

Maximize use of space and storage area, yet creating a harmonious balance that weaves together traditional and contemporary elements, offering a practical design.

Concept Board

Muted earthy tones dominate the color palette, harmonizing rich wooden textures with soft neutrals. The fusion of sleek modern furniture and asian-inspired pieces creates a tactile and visually engaging environment, capturing the essence of both worlds.

3D Perspectives

The bedroom, a masterpiece of balance and cultural fusion, features a wooden frame bed, surrounded by a mix of contemporary furniture. With subtle lighting the room becomes a serene retreat that transcends cultural boundaries, offering a haven for relaxation and inspiration.

Project Details

Floor area

24 m2

Project Scope

Selection of wall finishes, carpentry cabinets, bedside tables & lights

Space(s) Designed

Master Bedroom & Walk-in wardrobe

Style(s) Selected

Asian and European

Client Testimonials