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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

The brief was simple: just give the vanity and storage a new look to make it uplift the overall bathrooms design!

Concept Board

The moodboards feature a clean, modern aesthetic with a blend of gray and white tones complemented by subtle gold accents. Sleek fixtures, geometric shapes, and ample natural light contribute to the contemporary vibe, creating a serene and luxurious retreat.
In the guest bathroom, soft, inviting lighting pairs seamlessly with a sophisticated gray vanity featuring sleek, straight-line accents. The addition of a mirrored cabinet enhances functionality while preserving the modern allure, creating an elegant and welcoming space for guests to enjoy.

3D Perspectives

Maximizing the potential of the existing finishes, I blended them with carefully selected new fixtures to evoke the sensation of a completely revitalized and upscale design. By harmonizing the old with the new, I created a seamless transition that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Project Details

Floor area

Master bathroom 4 m2

Guest bathroom 1.5 m2

Project Scope

Re-design the carpentry cabinets of the bathroom

Space(s) Designed

Master bathroom, Guest bathroom

Style(s) Selected


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