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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

2 distinct spaces, maximizing the natural light & storage space

  • Night time area
  • Day time area

Concept Board

Carole created 4 different areas within the open space. She kept the existing kitchen making it blend with the rest of her design and created a sleeping area, a living area & an entrance. She used a neutral color palette to keep a bright ambiance that will appeal to most tenants and that can be easily personalized.

3D Perspectives

The 3D view allows to have a feel of the space and see all the proposed furniture & finishes.

Project Details

Floor area

22 m²

Project Scope

The Client wanted to design a functional Studio Apartment with 2 distinct spaces for the sleeping & the living area, maximizing the natural light & storage space.

Space(s) Designed

Studio Apartment

Style(s) Selected


Client Testimonials

Work Quality
Value For Money
Overall Rating
Caroline Langlais
Caroline Langlais



29 August 2022

We called on TLDP for the interior design of a Parisian studio and are very satisfied. Superb communication from start to finish with the team and very up-to-date space proposals. Calling on young designers certainly contributes to this. In addition, the cost of the service is extremely competitive for a result that meets my expectations. I highly recommend them.
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