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Project Deliverables

Floor Plan Layout

The store layout was carefully thought out to give importance to privacy and personal service. Inside, there are two changing rooms that are separated by curtains and can be folded, making it easy to create a larger space when needed. This design allows for smooth transitions between private fittings and browsing through the shop, making the flow very organic. In addition to the changing rooms, the layout includes a central waiting area, strategically placed near the jewelry display cabinets.

Concept Board

In this project, the goal was to blend elegance and comfort. Soft fabrics like velvet and colors such as dusty pink and touches of gold were chosen to create a feeling of refined femininity and luxury. The entrance, with its gold accents on glass panels, sets the stage for an experience that feels fancy and sophisticated.

3D Perspectives

Every detail was meticulously considered to ensure the space felt both welcoming and functional. The wallpaper, chosen for its feminine appeal, adds a touch of elegance and charm, setting the tone for the entire store. Complementing this, the carpeted floor exudes warmth and coziness, inviting customers to explore and linger. Together, these elements create an environment that not only looks beautiful but also feels inviting and comfortable, encouraging customers to indulge in a leisurely shopping experience.

Project Details

Floor area


Project Scope

Layout, furniture, finishes, lighting

Space(s) Designed

Full retail store including store front

Style(s) Selected

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Sze-Ling Tan
Sze-Ling Tan



30 March 2024

A Boudoir has arrived! With just 3 key photos sharing from our end, the design mood board was effectively achieved! And the final work was exactly how it was envisioned!! Beautifully executed, and come live!!!
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