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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in The Live Design Project (“The Live Design Project”, “TLDP,” “us” or “we”) and our services made available through the websites (the “Website” or the “Site”) and the online applications and tools.

The following Terms of Service are a legally binding contract between you and The Live Design Project regarding your use of the Service.

Please read the following Terms of Service (“Terms”) carefully before accessing or using any of the Service. Each time you access or use the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by all of these Terms, you may not access or use the Service. In addition, certain areas of the Service may be subject to additional Terms of Service that we make available for your review. By using such areas, or any part thereof, you are expressly indicating that you have read and agree to be bound by the additional Terms of Service applicable to such areas. In the event that any of the additional Terms of Service governing such area conflict with these Terms, the additional terms will control.

Your Compliance with this Agreement

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Accounts and Registration

To access some features of the Service you may be required to register for an account. When you register for an account, you may be required to provide us with some information about yourself (such as your e-mail address or other contact information). You may also be required to provide us with information about you, which may be of a confidential nature and may include personal identifying information and/or financial information (“Your Information”). If you provide Your Information to us then you agree to provide true, current, complete and accurate information, and not to misrepresent your identity. You also agree to keep Your Information current and to update Your Information if any of Your Information changes. Our collection, use and disclosure of Your Information is governed by this Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Password Security

When you register, you may be asked to provide a password. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. If you have reason to believe that your account is no longer secure, then you agree to immediately notify us.

Registration eligibility

TLDP is selecting Designers from students that have completed their 3rd year (or more) of interior design school and are still within 12 months after graduation.

Designers understand that TLDP shall disactivate their accounts should the above conditions are not met. For avoidance of doubt, a Designer entering the 13th month of post-graduation will see its account on the platform automatically disactivated.

The only exception to the above rules is that any Designer may go beyond the limit of the 12 months of post-graduation if currently involved in an active project on the platform. Designer’s account would be disactivated once the project is closed and payment (if applicable) has been completed.

The parties

The Live Design Project company – shall be referred to as “TLDP

The Live Design Project registered students / junior designers – shall be referred as “Designers

The Live Design Project mentors – shall be referred as “Mentors

The Clients – shall be referred to as “Client

TLDP responsibilities

TLDP commits to the Client to Provide 3 Designers & 1 Mentor for each Client’s projects.

TLDP commits to provide a platform that will allow the Designers, Mentor & Clients to exchange design options and feedbacks according to the 3 following phases during which the Client shall expect deliverables as per below:

  • Concept Boards: It is an arrangement of images, texts, textures, and colours which help describe the direction of the project and communicate design ideas.
  • Floor Plan layouts: It is a scaled diagram of a space, depicting the measurements, furniture, interior fixtures, room layout, window locations, walls, or any other relevant details to communicate design ideas.
  • 3D Perspectives: It is a hand or computer-generated drawings showing the space in 3D, on scale with all relevant information to communicate design ideas.

Phase 1:

  • 3 x Concept Boards
  • 3 x Floor Plan layouts
  • 3 x 3D Perspectives

Phase 2:

  • 3 x Concept Boards
  • 3 x Floor Plan layouts
  • 3 x 3D Perspectives

Phase 3

  • 1 x Final Concept Boards
  • 1 x Final Floor Plan layouts
  • 1 x Final 3D Perspectives
  • 1 x Bill of quantity of furniture and finishes

Client can choose but is not obligated to attend the Mentor’s brief to the Designers

Client understands that Designers are students and not contractors to TLDP. Should a Designer drop or is late for submission:

  • Client has the option to ask TLDP to remove this Designer from the project;
    • Client has then the option to request for an attempt to replace the missing Designer or carry on with the remaining Designers;
    • In case of a request for replacement, TLDP will reopen Designer’s application for this project & inform the Client if/when the position is filled;
    • For any new Designer joining an existing project timeline for deliveries of the phases shall be reset for that Designer.

You can contact the mentor by email or chat

The Mentor is supervising & advising the Designers to optimize the quality of their work & deliveries.

The Mentor is not designing the project

Designer responsibilities

At the registration of the Designer’s account on the platform, the Designer shall give accurate information following the given guidelines. It is understood by the Designer that providing false information during the registration could result in the registration’s rejection and/or to be banned from the platform permanently.

Designer agrees to deliver their work according to the committed timelines & guidelines AND to complete the full cycle of a project once started (i.e. complete phase 1 & 2, and phase 3 if selected as the finalist by the Client).

Project Term & Duration

Term of the agreement between the Designer and TLDP starts when TLDP confirms successful registration (upon verification of the Designer’s credentials) of Designer on the platform.

Project shall start 3 days after full details of the projects have been posted on the platform for Designer to select & participate.

Each project shall follow the following phases and timelines:


Attend the ZOOM meeting with your Mentor


After the meeting, Designer will have 5 days to send to their Mentor, by email, in PowerPoint or pdf:


Mentor will review Designer proposal and give comments, within 1 day.

After receiving them, Designer will have 4 days to do the adjustments and send them by email:

Proposal will be sent by Mentor to the Client for comments.


Once Designer receives the client’s feedback – sent by email by the MentorDesigner will have 5 days to adjust the design.

Designer need to submit to the Mentor the adjustment within 5 days of receiving Client’s comments.


Mentor will review your proposal and give comments.

After receiving them, Designer will have 4 days to do the adjustments and send them by email:

Proposal will be sent by the Mentor to the Client for comments.


Client will choose the project that fits best their requirements.


The selected Designer will have to do the final adjustments, guided by the Mentor and deliver:

Cooperation & assistance

For any question you can refer to the TLDP FAQ or contact us at

Mentor can be contacted via email (email to be provided at the start of the project).

Intellectual property

All materials uploaded on TLDP’s platform shall give to TLDP & its partners the rights of usage for (but not limited to) training, marketing & commercial purposes & for Designers to build their personal portfolio. Personal information shall remain under the confidentiality guidelines described into our “Confidentiality” section of this agreement.


  • At the selection of the project Designers will be able to see the payable fees to the winner of the project.
  • Designer understands that the process used by TLDP aim to replicate real live project conditions of the design industry, i.e. no remuneration shall be given for participation to a project bid and work done during the phases 1 & 2.
  • Designer understands that payment shall occur only for the completion of phase 3 should the Designer be successfully selected for this final phase of the project design.
  • When applicable, payment of the fees by TLDP to the Designer shall be done via bank transfer upon receipt of bank details from the Designer.